Hydrospeed - Aboard Rafting

To be one with the river !

Hydrospeed Verdon - Rafting Verdon

White water swimming enables the swimmer to swim down the river, using – and playing with – the current and counter currents.

Equipped with a padded wet-suit, flippers and a floating board (often called “hydrospeed”), the swimmer follows the trajectory indicated by the guide.

Perfect school of white water, white water swimming allows for a full feel for water movements. The possibility of playing in hydraulics (rolling water movements) and surfing on waves make it a very fun and accessible activity for beginners to do. In order to fully appreciate all the subtleties of white water swimming, it is strongly recommended to master leg movements of front crawl swimming.



  • Foam floating board
  • Adjustable flippers
  • Special cut, high buoyancy lifejacket
  • Helmet
  • 6 mm. neoprene wet suit with padding on the legs
  • 6 mm. neoprene jacket
  • Neoprene booties


Period of validity


From April until October

The flow of the Middle-Verdon is dam-controled.

In the spring, (from April until June), the water releases occur on a regular basis, thanks to the thawing of the snow which feeds the Castillon Lake above the dam, upstream from Castellane.

In the summer, (July and August), the water releases are only planned on specific days (usually on Tuesdays and Fridays).

In the autumn, (starting mid-September), the water releases are regular again and make the Middle-Verdon trips possible every day again.

For further information about days of dam water releases on the Middle-Verdon, please check our Dam water release schedule.

Our trips


on the Verdon Gorges

only on days of water release.