Swimming and floating to explore the Verdon Gorges

Aqua rando dans le Verdon avec Aboard rafting

Exploring the most inaccessible sections of the Verdon is made possible with the interruptions in water releases from the dam controlling the flow of the Verdon above Castellane.

A minimum water release in the Verdon then makes it possible for the participants to venture in some sections where neither rafts or hikers can go due to the many rocks obstructing the river or to the lack of trails since high cliffs surround the river in many places.

To let oneself be carried along by the current (thanks to high buoyancy life jackets) turns out to be a fun way of moving along the river while admiring the surrounding cliffs. The group might need to come out of the water from time to time to walk around obstructed rapids or to jump in deep transparent pools so as to add a few thrills to this exciting adventure.

The guide will show how to tackle specific passages in the water, how to avoid obstacles and will indicated the way to access the most beautiful jumps. He will also tell you of the origin of this fabulous canyon…



  • High buoyancy lifejacket
  • Helmet
  • Gloves (beginning and end of season)
  • 5 mm. neoprene wet-suit
  • 5 mm. neoprene jacket
  • Neoprene socks

Equipement aqua rando Rafting Gorges du Verdon



From mid-June until the beginning of September depending on the weather conditions.

Water rambling is only possible when the flow of the Verdon is at minimum level.

2022′ summer special !

During July, August and September 2022, the dam will provide only the minimum flow, which appropiated the teh water rambling activity, and and this every day of the summer!

Take advantage of it to explore the Verdon gorges !

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