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Meet at 10:00 am at the “Adrech campsite” (see the access map), on the upper valley of the Verdon river.

The guides will be there to welcome you. They will hand out the equipment and give a safety talk to get you ready for an air-boat descent of the Upper-Verdon, from the Clos Bridge to the Allons Bridge (about 10 km and 2h on the water).

The guides will give you an introduction on how to manoeuver your inflatable one-man boat and will accompany you all through the descent to show you the way.

Then, you will penetrate inside the Fontgaillarde Gorge. The landscape is quite wild in this high valley, and the river is deep cut for most of the descent in the gorge.

The flow of the water is constant, with continuous class II and III rapids; where the water bounces against the cliffs in each curve.

After the descent, you will be driven back to the starting point in the company van.




  • Discovery trip (total length of the activity: 2h00)
  • 50 Euros per person.
  • To book, contac us.
  • From April until June, when the Upper-Verdon is fed by the thawing of the snow
  • No previous experience of white water activities is necessary
  • Minimum age : 16
  • Being able to swim is esssential
  • Things to bring:
    • Swimming costume
    • Sports shoes
    • Towel
    • String for glasses
  • Fully qualified and experienced guides,
  • Approved (European standards), up to date safety gear :
    • Helmet
    • Life jacket
  • Individual equipment adapted to the activity :
    • Wetsuit
    • Windbreaker
  • Shuttle service back to the put-in
  • Insurance (civil liability insurance covering ABOARD Rafting’s activities).

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