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"White Water Cocktail"
Spring week end package

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2 days of outdoor activities to discover the joys of white water, in the Verdon.

Canyoning is done in various gorges which are tributaries of the Verdon, and which are fed by springs. Weather conditions are usually very good starting from the month of April, and we invite you to taste the joys of white water under the Provence sun with this programme of three activites.


* Rafting trip on the upper Verdon,

* Cano-raft trip on the upper Verdon,

* Canyoning at St Auban.


Saturday morning:

Meet at 10:00 am at the "Adrech campsite" (see the access map) on the upper valley of the Verdon river.

The guides will be there to welcome you. They will hand out the equipment and give a safety talk to introduce you to the basics of rafting.

Then, you will be ready to ride on a trip that will take you from the Clos Bridge to the Allons Bridge (about 12 km for 2:30 hours on the water).

We will ride in the Fontgaillarde gorges where the river flows in a narrow canyon. The Upper Verdon presents constant rapids (medium difficulty), with waves bouncing off the cliffs in the many curves.The scenery is rather wild in this upper valley, with very little infrastructure noticable from the river. Between the rapids, we will take a look at the beautifull cliffs made of layers of sediment rock. We will stop in a corner where the more adventurous ones can have a go at jumping from an overhang in the water.

Then, the gorge opens up again towards the end of the trip and we will reach the final bridge where we have lunch.

Rafting on the Upper Verdon

Saturday afternoon: Cano-raft trip on the Upper Verdon

We start again at 2:00pm for a cano-raft trip this time. The guides will hand out the equipment and give a safety talk to get you ready for an cano-raft descent of the Upper-Verdon, from the Clos bridge to the Allons bridge (about 12 km and 2:30 h on the water). The guides will give you an introduction on how to manoeuver your inflatable two-men boat and will accompany you all through the descent to show you the way. Then, you will penetrate inside the Fontgaillarde gorges.Right from the start, the river seems wilder, as the teams have to steer their own boat. The river bounces on the cliffs and a the participants have to paddle together in order to master the many curves.The flow of the water is constant, with continuous class II and III rapids; where the water bounces against the cliffs in each curve.

The trip ends up at the exit of the gorges where you will find your vehicles.



Cano-raft in the Fontgaillarde gorges

Sunday morning: Canyoning

Meet at 9:30 at the canyoning site of St. Auban for a half-day of canyoning, a 45 mn drive from Castellane,(see acces map).

This canyon always has a lot of water and the many jumps and slides make it a very fun canyon to run.

A quick car drop off will enable us to retrieve our vehicles easily at the end of the trip. At the beginning, no access walk is necessary since the starting point is right by the road.
The activity begins with the guide giving a safety talk and an introduction to the abseiling techniques. After the equipement, there is a first 5 m jump awaiting us between the steep walls of the canyon. Then, a series of slides and jumps bring us to the top of a waterfall around which we will go, using a 40 m death-slide attached at both ends. More jumps (5, 6 and 7 meters being the highest ones) come up until we reach the final pools and the last slide.
A the arrival of the canyon, there is a 5 mn walk back to the cars.
None of the jumps are compulsory, they can be avoided using the abseiling technique.


canyoning à St-Auban

The first jump in St. Auban

Our activities include

* Fully qualified and experienced guides,

* Approved (European standards), up to date safety gear (life jacket, helmet, harness),

* Individual equipment adapted to each activity (wetsuit, neoprene socks),

* Insurance (civil liability for ABOARD Rafting).



* Being able to swim is essential.

* Minimum age: 12.

* No previous white water experience is needed!

* Things to bring: swimming costume, sports shoes, towel, string for glasses.

equipement rafting

rafting equipment

Price and Booking

Price per person : 90 Euros

For any information concerning booking and cancelation procedures or insurance details, please refer to the "General Terms and Conditions" section, where you will find a Booking Form.

IMPORTANT:These activities rely on favourable weather conditions. In case of rain, the water level can rise fast inside the canyons . Consequently, the guides reserve the right to cancel the activities for safety reasons.


A choice of accommodation is offered in Castellane, at campsites, guest houses or hotels.
If you are interested, please contact these places directly to make your bookings arrangements.


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