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If you wish to be booked on ABOARD Rafting's activities, please proceed as follows:

- work out the exact date of your stay in the Verdon;

- define the number of participants (different age limits apply to each activity. These are indicated in the details sheets that can be clicked on in the "Trips and Prices" chart);

- choose the activities that suit you according to the dates of your stay, keeping in mind that some of them are only possible at certain times of the year or on certain days of the week. The periods of validity are given in the details sheets that can be clicked on in the "Trips and Prices" chart;

- check our availability (contact us by phone or fax at the following number (++33)4 92 83 76 11, or by e-mail at info@aboard-rafting.com). Ask us for a detailed quotation if you are a group or if you wish to do your activities "à la carte";

- place an option on thephone or by mail, and confirm it :

- by mail: send us a booking form (available on the site), together with a deposit of 30% of the total amount, either by personal check or by bank transfert (ask for our bank details, we will send you an IBAN).

- on the phone: communicate us your credit card details.

Moreover :

- if you need accomodation, please contact directly the various accommodation places that are suggested on the site (see the accommodation list);

- check what you need to bring (note that we provide all the necessary technical equipment);

- work out your itinerary to Castellane by using our access map;

- don't forget to feed your goldfish before you leave...

See you soon!


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