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The rafting activity

All in one boat to ride the wild water!


Activity description

A raft is a stable inflatable craft moved along the river by the whole team using a single blade paddle. Rafting is a good introduction to white water activities, as no previous experience of white water is required thanks to the presence of a guide on board.

The team comprises up to 8 participants who follow the instructions of the guide to manoeuvre the boat.

The guide gives a safety talk before boarding the boat in order to apprehend any intentional or unintentional dips in the water... As a matter of fact, a raft is a very playful boat and if the team feels up to it, the guide will be more than pleased to introduce the team to all the possible figures !





* self-bailing raft,

* single blade paddle,

* high buoyancy lifejacket,

* helmet,

* gloves (beginning and end of season),

* 5 mm. or 3 mm. wet-suit, according to temperature,

* neoprene jacket or wind-beaker, according to temperature,

* neoprene booties or socks, according to temperature.



rafting equipment




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Period of validity

* From April until October.

* The flow of the Middle-Verdon is dam-controled. In the spring, (from April until June), the water releases occur on a regular basis, thanks to the thawing of the snow which feeds the Castillon Lake above the dam, upstream from Castellane. In the event that water releases are temporarily interrupted, we suggest riding the Verdon upstream from Castellane on the Upper-Verdon (the Fontgaillarde Gorges). This natural flow section is fed by the thawing of the snow in the spring. The trips on the Upper Verdon take place about 30 mn. away from Castellane.

In the summer, (July and August), the water releases are only planned on specific days (usually on Tuesdays and Fridays). The Upper Verdon is then usually too low to be runable.

In the autumn, (starting mid-September), the water releases are regular again and make the Middle-Verdon trips possible every day again.





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