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The canyoning activity

An exploration of a gorge environment: jumps, rappels, slides... and roars of laughter!


Activity description

Canyons are usually deep-cut and narrow gorges where water has carved beautiful grooves and harmonious shapes. There are many ways of exploring all the hidden corners of a canyon: swimming, walking, sliding, abseiling down, swinging from one side to the other on a tight horizontal rope...

Progressing in a very vertical canyon involves more abseiling down either waterfalls or dry sections, and more horizontal canyons imply spending more time in wide pools, more swimming and jumping.

No particular technical experience is necessary to go canyoning; novices can easily discover those otherwise inaccessible areas, where the pleasure of jumping in deep clear pools and going down natural slides mix with the thrills of abseiling down in these often grandiose environments. The guides, who are rock climbing experts, explain all there is to know about abseiling down and safety in the canyon before setting out.



Abseiling down during a canyoning trip




* harness with all necessary ropes and abseil devices,

* canyoning ropes,

* helmet,

* gloves (beginning and end of season),

* 5 mm. wet-suit,

* 5 mm. neoprene jacket,

* neoprene socks,

* waterproof backpacks and containers for the day trips.



canyoning equipment

canyoning equipment


Our trips

• in the Jabron canyon: Discovery, a short canyon with jumps, slides, abseils,accessible to all,
• in the St-Auban canyon: Half-day trip, a canyon with a lot of water and plenty of jumps,
• in the Riolan canyon: Day trip, a long canyon with swimming sections, jumps, slides, abseils.

For more details, please see the details sheets by clicking on the chosen trip.



Period of validity

* From April to September, according to the weather forecast.

* The access to some of these canyons is limited to certain days of the week, and other are only possible to run at certain periods of the year. Please refer to the details sheets for more details.





Trips and prices




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