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Meet at 9:00 am at our main office in Castellane (see access map).

Then meet at 9:30 am at our rope course “Adventure Forest” (see the access map).

Move from tree to tree on a series of varied challenges at a height of 2 to 12 meters above ground. Test your balance on Nepalese bridges, slide on death slides, thread your way through hanging barrels – all of this in complete safety. All you need to do is to put on a harness, follow a few simple safety instructions, and all the fun and excitement will be yours !

A total of 50 varied and progressive challenges await you in the forest.

This real forest adventure is performed in an exceptionnally beautiful 3 ha. site planted with pine trees and broadleaved-trees, and is bordered with cliffs overlooking the Verdon river.

Tuesday : RAFTING on the Middle-Verdon

Meet at 9:30 am at our private ground “Adventure Forest” – our guides are there to welcome you.

They then hand out the equipment and give a safety talk. You are now ready to embark on a rafting day trip that is about to take you to the Samson Corridor (4 hours and 22 km of navigation).

The first section is relatively easy; there is plenty of time to become acquainted with the rafting navigation techniques. On this first part of the river, class II rapids – which are relatively easy – are mostly encountered. The morning ride ends with the negociating of the “Barre St. Jean”, a rapid graded III (medium difficulty) requiring more manoeuvering than the previous ones.

Soon after this exciting moment, it is time to stop for lunch on the river bank at our private beach ” The pinewood”. Following the midday break, your descent continues towards the Verdon gorges.

Right at the entrance of the gorges, a fun rapid called “La Dégoulinante” is waiting for you for a real roller-coaster ride on the waves. From that point, we take some time to marvel at the work of millions of years of erosion on the impressive limestone cliffs surrounding us between the successive class II and III rapids.

But the excitement is not quite yet over, as the right-angle shaped “Solitaire” rapid – the steepest and the fastest rapid of the day – is soon coming up. This exhilarating rapid marks the end of the descent. Getting out of the raft, you can admire the beauty of the Samson Corridor, as you help to deflate and roll up the raft before carrying it on the “Sentier Martel” trail. This entails a 10 mn walk out of the gorge to reach the Samson Corridor Belvedere, where our bus is waiting to drive you back to Adventure Forest.

Wednesday : WATER-RAMBLING in the Verdon

Meet us at 9:00 am at our private ground “Adventure Forest”. You will get equipped there and will be driven to the Samson corridor view point with the ABOARD Rafting bus (20 mn. drive).

Equiped with a wetsuit, a helmet and a life jacket, you let the current carry you gently along the river and take you to discover the Verdon’s best-kept mineral secrets. A “water ramble” not only implies floating, but also jumping and swimming in clear water, or walking around rapids, fallen trees or any obstacle we might encounter.

Thanks to this simple technique, the naturals beauties hidden at the bottom of the gorges do not escape our eyes, and you can enjoy a refreshing and exciting moment. We will then ramble our way through a maze of rocks (well-named “les Labyrinthes”). We will eventually reach the end of the Samson corridor where we will get out of the river.

Once out of the water, there is a 20 minutes walk on the Sentier Martel trail to reach the Samson view point road, where we will be driven back to Adventure Forest.

Thursday : CANOEING on the Var river

Meet at 9:00 am at “Adventure Forest”. You will be then driven to Var river with the ABOARD Rafting bus (40 mn. drive).

You can also join us at the former “Pont de Gueydan” train station (see access map) at 10:00 am, if you whish to visit the area (the fortifed town of Entrevaux, the Daluis gorges, etc…) .

The guides will welcome you there. They will hand out your equipment and give a brief safety talk. Then, we will embark on an cano-raft descent of the Var river that will take you from the Gueydan Bridge down to the take-out beach, about 500 m after Entrevaux (a 7 km ride which takes approximately 2 hours).

The current is very continuous and this trip is punctuated by small rapids of easy to medium difficulty. We will have plenty of time to learn how to manoeuver this inflatable canoe smoothly.

As the water of the Var is quite warm in summer, we will stop in two places to jump, if we wish, in the river.

At the end of the trip, we will run a fun rapid just below the beautiful medieval city of Entrevaux.

Friday : CANYONING in St Auban

Meet at 9:00 am at the canyoning site of St. Auban (see acces map).

The canyoning guide is there to welcome you. He gives a safety talk, introduces you to the environment and to the abseiling techniques, and hands out your equipment.

St. Auban canyon has a lot a water and promises to give you plenty of opportunities to swim, slide on natural slides and jump.

The activity begins with two short slides. A 6 m jump brings you to the point where the canyon becomes deeper and narrower.

You then climb down a few obstacles and arrive at the top of a beautiful waterfall which you cross by sliding on a tight rope attached at the other side of the canyon.

A 5 m jump follows, and the canyon opens up again.

After that point, you can enjoy a few jumps – up to 7 m if you wish to – and a few more exciting slides still await you.

At the bottom of the canyon, a short walk is necessary to return to the starting point.

Saturday : CANYONING in Riolan

Meet at 10:00 am at the car park at the entrance of the village of Sigale (1 hour 15mn. drive from Castellane) (see acces map)

Our guide will welcome you there and organize for a car drop-off at the exit of the canyon.

After handing out your equipment, he will give a safety talk concerning abseiling techniques and safety inside the canyon.

A 15 mn walk will be necessary to reach the canyon, and another 15 mn will lead you to the actual entrance of the canyon.

The Riolan canyon is a beautiful canyon bordered at some places by cliffs measuring up to 300 m.

This descent will imply spending most of the time in the water, as the canyon meanders at the bottom of a deep gorge which opens up onto large pools of water which then flow underneath big boulders.

There will be a good number of jumps (maximum 8 m) and a few rappels (maximum 15 m). You will swim down long stretches in clear water and encounter a fun natural slide which will without fail surprize and amaze you.

At the end of the trip, we find the vehicles and take off our equipment.




More than a just a breath of fresh air under the Provence sun, this programme involving a wide variety of activities enables the exploration of the entire stretch of the Verdon Gorges.

Over the course of the week, your progress through the Gorges is achieved through a series of white water activities, whereby each represents a different way of following the course of the Verdon.

Thus, due to the shape of the Canyon, the exploration of the Gorges requires the use of various techniques. Consequently, you will use rafts on the navigable section, and subsequently, you will float and swim, which we call a water ramble, in the entrance section of the Gorges. Then, you will hike the Sentier Martel trail, which marks the most open part of the Canyon. Lastly, you will set out for another water ramble to penetrate deeper into the Canyon and explore its most secret area.

The flow of the Verdon is regulated by the Castillon dam. In the summer, the days of water release allow for the rafting to take place and alternate between the days of minimum water release. On those days, the water rambling can be done and therefore, otherwise inaccessible sections can be accessed. The other activities occur at different sites, such as the cano-rafting on the Var river (a natural flow river 40 mn away from Castellane), and the canyoning, which is performed in the Saint-Auban canyon.

  • Forest high rope course
  • Rafting: day in the Middle Verdon
  • Water rambling: half-day in the Middle Verdon
  • Cano-raft: half-day on the Var river
  • Canyoning: half-day in the St Auban canyon
  • Canyoning: day in the Riolan canyon
  • July and August


  • The activities rely on favorable weather conditions. In the event of heavy rainfall, the canyon may be flooded rapidly. For this reason, in case of high risks of rain, the guides reserve the right to postpone the outing.
  • The Verdon water levels are regulated by the national Electricity Company. This implies that, in case of low water level due to insufficient dam release, we may perform our white water activities on the Upper-Verdon or on the Var.
    • Activities alone : 240 Euros per person.
    • To book, contac us.
  • No previous experience of white water activities is necessary
  • Minimum age : 16
  • Being able to swim is esssential
  • Things to bring:
    • Swimming costume
    • Sports shoes
    • Towel
    • String for glasses
    • Water and pic-nic for the day trips
  • Fully qualified and experienced guides,
  • Approved (European standards) up to date safety gear
  • Individual equipment adapted to each activity
  • Shuttle service back to the put-in
  • Insurance (civil liability insurance covering ABOARD Rafting’s activities).


Adventure Forest

Canoeing Var

Saint Auban Canyon

Riolan Canyon