The Middle Verdon : a river regulated by a dam...

The flow of water in the Middle Verdon is regulated by the Castillon dam, upstream from Castellane. This section of the Verdon is runable only when dam releases occur.

In the spring (April until June), the water releases occur during week days on an irrregular basis and sometimes during week-ends. In the absence of water releases, trips can be run on the Upper-Verdon, above the dam, thanks to the thawing of the snow, in the Fontgaillarde gorges, 30 mn drive from Castellane.

For more information concerning our trips on the Upper Verdon, check our trips:

Rafting on the Upper Verdon

Rafting on the Upper-Verdon

In the summer (July and August), the Upper Verdon is then not runnable. On the Middle Verdon, the dam releases take place on a regular basis, but usually only on Tuesdays and Fridays. The following activities are possible during these days of dam releases :

Rafting on the Middle Verdon

The Verdon Gorges

Therefore, the days without dam releases are on opportunity to explore the Verdon gorges with the water-rambling activity.

We also offer cano-raft guided trip and air-boat guided trip on the Var, a natural flow river perfect for those trips, situated at 45 mn. from Castellane.

In the autumn (September), the water releases occur on a regular basis again, but rarely on week ends.

Take note that the following activities do not rely on dam releases: canyoning trips, rope course, white water rambling, cano-raft and air-boat in the Var.