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The ideal craft for adventurous paddlers...

A cano-raft is a two-men inflatable craft which the paddlers autonomously manoeuvre using a double-blade paddle. Thanks to its inflated self-bailing structure making it a very stable boat, beginners can paddle in white water without having had any previous experience of white water activities.

A cano-raft trip brings the same sensations as a white water canoe trip and offers a possibility of having fun and playing with the water, without experiencing the drawbacks of flipping over with a rigid canoe. With an cano-raftt, in case the paddlers do flip over, all they have to do is to jump back on the boat and off they go again!

The guides accompany them in their own boats and indicate the way, while giving the tips on how to ride the Verdon waves.

cano-raft picture

Cano-raft on the Middle-Verdon